WOD: 7-10-12

Strength:  100 Wall Runs

WOD:  6 rounds for time:

10 Pull Ups
10 Burpees
10 Toes-to-Bar


Get  your learning caps on, it is lexical bludgeoning time…

Let’s recap before we get started…

  • You are reading this because you want to compete in the CrossFit Games and we here at Reebok CrossFit Back Bay want to see you there.
  • You have performed better at your transitions and are now a chalk management specialist (big title so you feel special)
  • You have taken your nutrition and diet seriouslier
  • You have lowered your stress and increased your sleep and rest

But what about a being focused?  What about a game plan?

It is one thing to come in to the gym to forget about work and take a one hour vacation.  It is a whole other thing when you are coming into the gym ready to grab the WOD by the grapenuts and squeeze like the antidote is in them.  Despite of the quality of day that you may have had, choosing the second option will also make you feel more productive, strong, and efficient.  But having all of the tools in the tool box are useless if you do not take full advantage of them.  This is why this will be all about  focusing and making a game plan…

As a 27-year-old perfect person I know that not everything is at it seems.  I have learned that easy looking workouts are hard and hard looking workouts are only a challenge that will make me better.  Among the lessons me and the other Reebok CrossFit Back Bay coaches have learned is focus.  Can anybody guess what your face looks like when you are lifting heavy weights?  Or when you are coming back from a run with a medicine ball?  The answer is “not the face I want to have in my FB profile pic” (I would’ve gone with wedding pics, but I know what’s more important).  One of the things that professional marathon runners learn to control is their facial muscles.  Imagine how much energy it costs to hold a dumb looking face for an entire 26.2 miles!  It almost seems insignificant, but in the matter of a long workout session, the little things can make quite the difference.

How about your foot placement.  Let’s pretend the workout is 100 Push Jerks for time at 150% of the heaviest weight you have ever done.  It is obvious that a powerful hip drive and follow-through with the shoulders is a requirement, but the thing that is most often (and erroneously) underestimated is foot position.  If your feet aren’t right, that is to say, if your only form of contact with terra firma, that is to say, IF YOUR ONLY SENSE OF BALANCE is off, how can you possibly expect to perform at maximum capacity?  The same focus is needed between reps (think kipping pull ups), between exercises (think 150 Wall Balls to 90 Double Unders), and between WODs (think reflection of how you can do better in the baseline).

How many times have you walked into the gym and thought “well, this WOD looks easy”.  How many times following that thought, have you felt a sudden need to cry?  What rep scheme do you have in your head?  Would it make a difference to think “3 more reps” if you instead thought “go until you finish this set”?  At what points of the WOD will you struggle and what parts should be done as quickly as possible. Having a clear plan, even if minuscule, can make a huge difference. All other sports review film and study their opponents. If your workout is the opponent it is time to get to know it a little bit better. Being 1% more prepared can make the difference between making  the cut of athletes to watching from the stands. Take the time, think about the workout just a bit at a time, and with time you will Bellichick your way through workouts.  And now like always, get your mind in the game so you stop making me look shitty,

Serving up lessons since 2012,



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